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7 benefits of After School

Attending after school or afterschool program at a school brings a wide range of benefits to your child, you and the community. Afterschool programs can boost academic performance, expand exposure to broader STEAM subjects, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health,  give chances to increase friends, and provide a safe and managed environment to your child.

1. Academic Safety Net

Almost all after schools and some afterschool programs at school provide homework help to assist the students in finishing the homework. This helps your child a lot to keep up with the progress at school.

2. Academic Advancement

Many after schools provide additional classes on math, reading, and writing in addition to the homework help. These extra classes boost educational advancement. Since the group of students joins the class, it is easier for your child to study extra hours than staying at home.

3. Opportunities to challenge

Furthermore, these after schools and some afterschool programs at a school tend to participate in the nationwide competition such as Math Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, Spelling Bee, and others. These competitions provide you and your child with a relative position in the nation or the broader population than the school.

4. Explore interests

After schools and after school programs provide a wide range of STEAM subjects such as programming, robotics, hands-on science, competitive math, critical thinking, electronic engineering, art and craft, and so on. These STEAM programs give your child a chance to experiment in these STEAM area and learn more in-depth early on and help your child to find the area of interest.

5. Promote physical health

Some after schools and after school programs can play important role encouraging physical activities such as basketball, tennis, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, bally, table tennis, football so on and promote physical health while allowing your child to experiment many activities without a huge commitment. Participation in afterschool programs has been associated with positive health outcomes, including reduced obesity (Mahoney, J., Lord, H., & Carryl, 2005).

6. Improve social skills

Your child will learn a lot about social activity, emotional intelligence and make many friends outside of the classroom by participating in an after school or an afterschool program.

7. Overall positive impact

Good afterschool programs can improve classroom behavior (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2010), school attendance, academic aspirations, and can reduce the likelihood that a student will drop out (Huang, Leon, La Torre, Mostafavi, 2008).


Usually, staffs of the after school provide some programs such as homework help. Also some programs such as STEAM programs, physical activities are provided by the outside vendors or instructors. So, when you select an after school, it is essential to know what kind of programs are offered in house and included in the basic tuition and what programs are provided by the outside vendors and require additional cost.

After schools with more students tend to offer a broader range of extra programs due to the scale of merit.


Some after schools promote a specific culture, associated language, and activities. For instance, the following after schools promote Chinese culture, its language, and activities such as Kung Fu.

OMEI Academy in Cupertino

OMEI Academy provides Chinese reading and writing as the core curriculum and Kung Fu and Tai Chi as the extra curriculum.

ACME Learning Center in Palo Alto

ACME provides immersive Chinese language and culture classes.

Key Takeaways

  • An afterschool program can help your child’s academic advancement.
  • Your child can explore a wide range of activities that his/her school does not provide and may be able to find his/her interest.
  • Attending an after school improves social skill, emotional intelligence of your child while reducing exposure to the risky behavior.

3 Points to Select an After School


When you select an after school, you need to consider the following 3 points in addition to the price.

1. Pick-up school

It would be better to select an after school that picks up your child directly from his/her school. Pick-up service frees up your valuable time, is environmentally friendly, and gives smooth transit for your child.

You can find after schools that provide pick-up service from your child’s school with this site.

2. Enrichment programs

It is crucial to check what kind of enrichment programs after school offers in-house and with outside vendors, and how frequently the programs are run.  Enrichment programs provided by the external vendors are usually less expensive compared to the cost that you participate in individually due to the volume discount. You also need to check the quality of the in-house programs.

3. Ethnicity

If there are many students with the same ethnicity in an after school, your child may feel comfortable.  Many after schools welcome diversity and promote it while some after schools promote their specific cultural background. Within this website, Major staff ethnicity information in the “information” tab shows it.

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