Is my child proficient enough?

After reading our articles and understanding the importance of arithmetic proficiency, you may wonder if your child is proficient enough for the basic arithmetic. We encourage you try the following worksheets even your child is 5th grade.

In this article, we share two key worksheets within more than 100 worksheets that we developed and are using and how to use them with the progress tracking sheet. We also share the statistics so that you can get a rough idea of your child proficiency at the first test.

We have developed many questions and worksheets with a target time to ensure proficiency of each student from Kindergartner to 5th-grade covering number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, fraction, prime numbers including GCF and LCM, reading time and units. We use the worksheet in the tutoring sessions and Critical Thinking/Math classes.

We use the following 45 patterns of addition with carryover in the later stage of 1st-grade addition to ensure the students’ proficiency in carryover and strongly encourage them to memorize the pattern.  We expect all our students to finish this worksheet at least in 2 minutes 30 seconds, preferably in 2 minutes with 100% accuracy.

(Afterschool search got permition from STEAM Dojo to use the worksheets)

The worksheet below is the last worksheet for the single-digit addition. We expect all first graders finish this worksheet in 3 minutes with 100% accuracy. The average time of the first attempt is 6 minutes 23 seconds with a standard deviation of 2 minutes 5 seconds. It means that about 2/3 of students are between 4 minutes 18 seconds and 8 minutes 28 seconds. An average number of mistakes in the first attempt is 0.97.

Random addition matrix

If your child is in 2nd grade or above and takes more than 6 minutes 23 seconds, you better worry about the proficiency of your child and take additional efforts to improve your child’s proficiency quickly. If you see your child is filling this worksheet, you can immediately tell which combinations are his/her weaknesses.

Also, if your child made more than two mistakes, a red light starts flashing — no excuse for the number of mistakes.


The great things of these worksheets are; 1) clarifying your child’s weakness, 2) allowing you to measure the progress, 3) improving your child’s focus, 4) not taking a long time, and 5) you can use the same worksheet again and again.

Majority of students achieve the target time with 100% accuracy in two weeks and love the challenge. You may surprise how children enjoy the worksheets. Many of them resist the first time. However, once they see the progress, they love it. Even after they reach the goal, they eager to try time attack and measure the improvement.

Please try above worksheets with your child to ensure his/her proficiency.

Please promise that you never say a negative word to your child even he/she could not reach the target, instead, please praise him/her for their efforts, and encourage him/her to try again later, hopefully, every day.

Please take time and score the worksheet since both speed and accuracy are equally important and plot the time and number of mistakes to the following “Progress tracking sheet.” This Progress tracking sheet visualizes the progress and motivates your child to reach the goal.

Progress Tracking Sheet

We hope that these worksheets help you to assess your child to improve proficiency and that you get the idea of how to manage the process.

Again, the key points for the successful experiment are

1) being patient

2) praise him/her for his/her efforts no matter how long he/she takes

3) use positive expression when you communicate

4) take time for the scoring and review together with a positive attitude.

If you have difficulty to keep above four key points, ask a tutor or third party to take care of it. We know that teaching our own child is very stressful and challenging for the parents.

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