After School Search for Parents

After School Search was developed to assist busy parents in finding out the best after school that picks up their child from the school.

No other service provides a list of after schools that pick-up students from a school. So, here comes After School Search.

It is a very tedious and time-consuming process to prepare for the information.

So, we hope that this service can assist you.


It is essential to select the best afterschool for your child since he or she spends quite a long time there, finishes the majority of homework, and enjoys many enrichment programs either in house or vendor provided.

We encourage you to select an after school that provides a great math program since math is the foundation of all STEM subjects. If your child fails to understand the concepts 100% and to be proficient enough to all arithmetic calculation, he/she will not succeed in Math and eventually in STEM subjects. It is almost impossible to improve the score of Math later.

All featured after schools have a great math program.