Is my child proficient enough?

After reading our articles and understanding the importance of arithmetic proficiency, you may wonder if your child is proficient enough for the basic arithmetic. We encourage you try the following worksheets even your child is 5th grade. In this article, we share two key worksheets within more than 100 worksheets that we developed and are […]

Unfortunate Truth of Math

Math has unique characteristics that other subjects such as language art, social study, and the majority of science do not have. If you do not understand the characteristics well and treat Math and your child as other subjects, it causes a huge problem later. 1. Layered skills and concepts Math requires a solid understanding of […]

Kumon vs. Mathnasium vs. RISU

I have been asked similar questions many times after we launched RISU Math that is a tablet-based, self-directed learning service. So, we would like to provide a comparison with our best knowledge. I would appreciate your feedback as our knowledge of Kumon and Mathnasium is limited.   1. Summary     Kumon and Mathnasium are excellent […]

How to improve Math score

1. Not good at math? There are many reasons that a child is not able to get a good score in Math. So, our first work as tutors is identifying the causes that prevent the child from getting a perfect score every time and prioritize them.  If your child is in the first or second […]